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How did the Chicago's stike affected the stability of communities

How did the Chicago’s stike affected the stability of communities
Paper instructions:
Hello, Well, I need a Chicago native writer or at least someone who knows a lot of the Chicago’s teacher strike that happened not too long ago. Well, it is a psychology research paper and I have to measure the effectiveness the strike had on time allocation. My particular focus is on how the Chicago’s strike affected grammar school children TIME ALLOCATION from this year strike compared to the one that happened 25 years ago. I need this research paper to be very detailed, with information from both years and factual graphs and statistics if possible. I also, need to provide 4 interviews within the research with the response of the person I am asking it to. Also, have a very detailed introduction and a extremely strong conclusion. This paper is not like a normal research paper, it involves everything from writing to questionnaires and answers, to photos and statistics, to a great conclusion to wrap it all together. And also when including the interview part please ask amazing questions and make sure the response fits well. Well, thank you a lot and I hope you can do it.

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