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How can 3D Printing be used in the future management market

1. This is my dissertation. My topic is “How can 3D Printing be used in the future management market”. I have already finished my questionnarie survey.I uploaded it . this dissertation result part and discussion part should analysis base on my questionnarie survey.
2. I have finished 1900 word, but there are 8000 words Ieft. I write introduction part, literature part and result part , but I do not finish completely. so the three part also are incomplete. please help me to complete it. you don’t have to change my original work. that means when you submit, the total words should be around 10000.
3.There are two main parts which are preliminary investigation (questionnaire) and discussion in later period.

here is a situation about my preliminary investigation:
1. I participated in a 3D programm.It spent long time to communicate with local 3D company.I use 3D printer to print at least 4 projects (I will upload picture of model) It cost about 125 pounds, and it take one hour to print a project of model size.
2.I found local 3D company from a website named 3D Hub which is a worldwide promotion 3D design and manufacturing sites.There are several 3D company in Leicester.As well there are a lot of resources. I sent a qustionaire in forum.
3. Questionnaire “The 3D Projects are mainly used as project testers before the large output in manufactory in current business market, do you think they will replace manufactory / hand made worker one day in the future?” Is a misunderstanding, most people would choose agree or strongly agree, but in fact 3DP will not replace the massive manufactory, no matter how the future development of the past 10 years or even 20 years , 3DP will only be regarded as preliminary template design of large industrial chain , this question only 13 candidates disagree / strongly disagree, basic from the side reflects only those who understand the industry search.
4.All details you can see my questionaire.

Discussion/ Limitations
It is believed that there exist the following problems: International copy right, weapon security, drug safety, food safety, manufacturing Limitations mainly consider the future development of the industry based management.

I will provide you some idea here: the process change the 3DP
labour, organisation framework exist
the business model, how does it affect the supply chain, value chain
supply/value chain, value adding activities, new form of a supply chain
not the thing get made, the thing get sell
production, rather than consumption(marketing)

This dissertation should be follow:
1.Induction (I have already finish 387 words, you need compete left words )
1.1 Overview
1.2 Statement of the problem
1.3 Research Objective and Question
2.Literature Review (I have already finish 500 words, you need compete left words)
4.Results and Analysis (I have already finish 1020 words, you need compete left words)
7.reference list

Here are some reference list, it might be used.
Introducing the 3DP-RDM Feasibility Studies: Organising Production Technology Into Most Responsive States – 3D Print Machine Enabled Networks (OPTIMOS PRIME)
Component Replication Using 3D Printing Technology , Satyanarayana, B; Prakash, Kode Jaya
Personalized development of human organs using 3D printing technology, Radenkovic, Dina; Solouk, Atefeh; Seifalian, Alexander
Redesigning a Production Chain Based on 3D Printing Technology, Mavri, Maria
FDM 3D Printing Technology in Manufacturing Composite Elements, P. Dudek
A global sustainability perspective on 3D printing technologies, Gebler, Malte; Schoot Uiterkamp, Anton J.M; Visser, Cindy

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