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How a Classroom should be set up

It is imperative that students are knowledgeable of how a Classroom should be set up and what learning centers should be present. The purpose of this assignment is to give students the opportunity to display their knowledge regarding the set-up of a classroom, what learning centers should be present in a classroom and how and where these centers should be placed. Students will neatly design their idea of an classroom that is arranged in a way that supports a developmentally appropriate curriculum, supports routines consisting of easy transitions, and encourages a rich curriculum for children. The design should include the following 13 areas: Art, Blocks, Computer, Dramatic Play, Listening Center, Math, Manipulative, Music, Reading, Sensory Area, Science, Woodworking, & Writing for early childhood education and appropriate areas for AAT students based on the grade level they intend to teach. The goal is to arrange the centers and areas in the sketch in the most appropriate way. Remember that some centers need to be far away from others while some centers can be placed together. Once all centers are accounted for on the sketch the student will provide separate documentation describing resources that they would provide for the children in each of these areas. The descriptions must be very specific. For example, one would include books in the reading center but, the student must describe what type of books and what other materials they will include in the reading area. This design should be completed electronically.