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History of Western Art

History of Western Art
You should be contributing 6 sources.

You are asked to produce a growing “webliography” of research sources. As students conduct research for each of their discussions and their project, they may share interesting academic articles and websites that relate to the course material. Check back often to see what others have posted. If the resource is strong, it will be added to the course content under “Open Educational Resources.”

When providing a resource, formatted for a MLA bibliography. That means that you should include all of the information that an MLA reference needs (author, title, journal or Date referenced and URL, etc.) and format it into the proper style. For a summary of MLA style see:

Your resource should also include a paragraph annotating the source. This means you should give a brief description of the resource, states its benefit to your understanding of art history or art historical practice, and assess the academic quality of the source (peer reviewed, author, etc.)

It should be what the article is about, why you liked it, and what you thought of its scholarly depth and credibility.
Notes: Any resources already listed in the course resource area under “Open Educational Resources” (Mainly KhanAcademy and the Helibrunn Timeline) will not be counted. This includes sub-articles of these sites. Sites not of strong academic quality (Blogs, Tourist Sites, Encyclopedias, Sites not relating to the time-period of the course, Witcombe’s Resources) will also not be accepted material and you will be asked to try again.

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