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History of flags

Read the following article from the New York Times about attempts to change the design of the state flag of Nebraska: Nebraska’s Flag Lacks Pizazz ( Afterward, pick any state in the Union except California, and research the state flag of that particular state. Who designed the flag you chose, and what does the design say about the people that created it? After writing a brief history of that flag, post an image of the current state flag at the top of the essay, and create a flag of your own design that you think would represent the state of your choice today, and use this flag design website ( Explain your new design and why you chose the colors and images that you did.

it is is not a new thing that flags have deep histories and are symbols that are way greater than the cloth they are printed on or the paint used in the pieces of cloth. Writing about the history of flags is like writing about the history of the target state at the initiation of each state. Indeed, the history of flags intriguingly gives a deep understanding of the people who were important in each state at the time of design and adoption of these flags. This why writing about the history of flags should greatly interest you.

flags are symbols of independence of states and also symbols within which every core aspiration of the founding fathers is embedded. The flags tell a story of what the founding fathers valued as well as what they fought for and believed is best for future generations. Each state had unique circumstances and explored these circumstances to design unique yet representative flags.

**Please do not write about the California state flag. I will lower your grade by a full letter grade if you write about the California state flag. Also, you should be aware that the history of the flag of the state of Georgia is long, winding and complex. Should you choose that state flag you would be writing about an extra challenging history.**

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