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History Assignment

Choose one of the following.  If you do the assignment correctly you will receive 10 extra points on your lowest exam grade (not counting zeroes)

Museum visit: Visit a historical museum and write two pages about your experience


Holocaust museum

African American History Museum

The Women’s Museum

Frontiers of Flight museum

Cavanaugh Flight museum (in Addison)

Option 2: Watch a historical movie and write two pages about it. (Movie must be approved by me) Please be aware many of these films are graphic and may contain scenes of violence, nudity, and adult content and deal with disturbing content.


Twelve Years a Slave



All Quiet on the Western Front

They Shall not Grow Old (documentary)

The great Gatsby (not a historical film but a good example of the Jazz age, although the latest version has modern music for some reason)

The Grapes of Wrath

Tora Tora Tora

The Longest Day (3 hours long)

Saving Private Ryan

Schindler’s List


Pork Chop Hill

Good Night and Good Luck

13 Days

We Were Soldiers


Four Little Girls

All the Presidents Men

The Post

The Day after (This is not a historical movie. It is a fictional film about World War III which obviously never happened write about how it would have made people feel at the time. Also, this is Titled the Day After. Do not det it mixed up with The Day after Tomorrow. That is a different movie)

The Big Short.

Option 3: Interview a family member or friend that has lived through a SIGNIFICANT historical event. Write out the questions you asked them and their responses or record the interview.

Option 4. Write a three-page personal essay about a topic we have discussed. You can use personal pronouns and write about your thoughts on it. Be detailed and descriptive. (15 points)

The topic discussed:





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