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History and origin of the correlation method
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1. Presentation of the method “correlation” for data analyis
a. Where does “correlation” fit into the 4 field logic?
b. History and origin of the correlation method
c. Which other methods use correlation or which intersections
are there?
2. Presentation of the selected sample data
a. Source of the data? (primary or secondary data)
b. Which variables are used?
c. Scaling of the variables?
d. Description of the data (mean value / median / variances etc.)
e. Did data have to be pre-processed for the method (binning etc.?)
3. Evaluation of a practical question using correlation on a business case
a. Formulation of the question “when and why will a mobile app receive a good rating?”
b. Analysis using Rapid-Minder
c. Presentation of the results (data visualization / graphs from Rapid Miner)
d. Interpretation of the results
e. What conclusions were drawn for the business case
f. Outlook: How can the analysis be improved in the future?