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Historical Fiction Project on the film/Movie “Les miserables”

Read/Watch, Summarize, and Analyze the story of “Les miserables” by RESEARCHING the Setting, Characters, and Events involved in the story.

1. Read the book/watch the film and write a one-page summary once you finish.

2. Research the author/screenwriter/director then write 1-2 pages summarizing the creators own personal background and their motivations for the project.You should also analyze how their motivation or background affects the way they tell history. (in this assignment you should be citing sources about the author as well as specific examples from the book/film).

3. Find 5 primary sources for the setting, characters, or cultural elements in the book /film and analyze them using the historical thinking chart. Try to find the widest variety of sources possible. These can be works of art, diaries, journals, newspaper articles (from the time period of the SETTING of the book/film), pieces of music, government records, etc.

4. Write1-2 pages analyzing one specific event, person, or cultural element for historical accuracy using primary sources. Explain how the event, person, or element is presented in the work of historical fiction. Then, using primary sources to corroborate, analyze for accuracy.