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Helping an organization move forward

The Creating Change Paper provides you with an opportunity to develop a plan to create some type of change
in your organization or department. You can also select an organization you do not work for but know it needs
some type of organizational change. Select a substantial change effort that you want to change. Then discuss
how you plan on implementing the change in your organization. Structure your paper so you answer the
following questions:
Executive Summary – What needs to change and why? Who is affected and how will they be affected? Clearly
identify the problem and explain what you think will be the result of a successful change (Expected outcome)?
Who will benefit and how will this help the organization moving forward?
What steps will you take and what research will you perform to better understand the current climate/culture?
Existing organizational characteristics?
Functional and Dysfunctional effects of the current culture?
How will you stimulate the employees in the existing culture to accept your change?
How will you overcome any resistance to change?
How will you know your efforts are working? How will you measure your progress?