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Healthcare Quality: The Survey

There are a number of tools and methods that can be used to gauge patient satisfaction and quality of care.
Examples include:
personal interviews
focus groups
The AHRQ Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS®) surveys ask consumers
and patients to report on and evaluate their experiences with health care. CAHPS® surveys ask patients to
report on their experiences with a range of health care services at multiple levels of the delivery system.
Several surveys ask about experiences with ambulatory care providers such as health plans, physicians’
offices, and behavioral health plans. Some of the surveys ask about experiences with care delivered in facilities
such as hospitals, dialysis centers, and nursing homes.
Based upon the first letter of your last name, create a survey for either an Outpatient setting or Inpatient
First Letter of Last Name (M -Z) Outpatient and Ambulatory Surgery CAHPSPreview the document
Review Existing Validated Survey’s
Based upon your last name, review your assigned CAHPS® surveys
From your assigned survey, select five (5) closed ended survey questions. Cut and paste into a word
Then convert the five (5) questions to an open-ended question but save the original 5 closed ended questions.
(Change to an open-ended question by eliminating the answer choices and leave a blank for the person to fill
in an answer). Now you should have 10 questions; 5 open-ended and 5 closed ended questions in your word
Create a Survey in Survey Monkey
Set-up a free account on Survey Monkey.
Select “sign up” in the upper right-hand corner.