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Healthcare Informatics

What do you hope to gain through completing this Healthcare Informatics course?
During the 1950’s, computers and computerized equipment were becoming an important part of health care and began influencing the nursing profession (Saba, 2001). Since that time technology has propelled the world of nursing into a once unfamiliar expanse of computer and information literacy.
Use the MC database to collect articles on the history of nursing informatics including the DIKW frame work, Investigate the TIGER initiative and how informatics will help with QSEN. Search for what is new in the field of informatics that will impact nursing in the future. Provide answers under the following headings:
1. Summarize the history of nursing informatics (20% of grade) 2. What is the DIKW frame work and how does it relate to the development of nursing informatics? (20% of grade) 3. Explain the TIGER initiative (20% of grade) 4. How does nursing informatics help with QSEN? (20% of grade) 5. Give an example of something that is new in the field of nursing informatics and predict how it will impact nursing in the future. (20% of grade) Write a 1000 word synopsis of your findings. Please consult the grading criteria for the requirements for posting your

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