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Health teaching

Using the information gathered in your Genetic Family History and Milestone 1 assignments, you will identify and research one modifiable risk factor. You will develop an evidence-based teaching plan that promotes health, with the aim of improving patient outcomes related to this modifiable risk factor.

Introduction (1 paragraph): The introduction should be interesting and capture the reader’s attention.
State one preventable disease your adult participant is at risk for developing (obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, etc.), based on the information you have gathered during this course.
Introduce one modifiable risk factor (diet, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, etc.) associated with the preventable disease you described.
Clearly state the purpose of your paper. The purpose statement should relate to developing a patient teaching plan.
Preventable Disease Overview (1-2 paragraphs): Please use course materials and scholarly sources to complete this section. Be sure to paraphrase and include citations as needed!
Describe briefly the preventable disease you identified in the introduction.
What are the signs and symptoms associated with this disease?
How is it diagnosed? Notable information from Health History and General Survey? Signs and symptoms? Risk assessments? Lab values?
What physical assessment findings would be associated with this disease?
How did you identify your adult participant’s risk for this disease?
Specific information gathered in the Genetic Family History?
Specific information gathered in the Milestone 1 assignment?
Evidence Based Intervention (1-2 paragraphs):
Choose and describe one evidence based intervention related to the modifiable risk factor you have chosen. (One that has been shown to be effective at reducing an individual’s risk for developing the preventable disease.)
Describe this intervention in detail, and provide rationale for your intervention utilizing:

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