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Health Policy Legislation

The Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act will set nurse-to-patient ratios in New York healthcare facilities. A bipartisan coalition is supporting it in both the New York State Assembly and Senate.
i want to write about the safe staffing for quality care act that is pending in the new York senate. i am adding a link to the senate bill below. let me know if there is any questions. thanks

Health Policy Legislation Paper (25%) –
This paper should be 4-5 pages (not including the title page and references page). The final paper must use
APA format, title page and references page with a minimum of 6 professional references (refer to Rubric p.
For this paper students must find a current health policy legislation issue that is under review or being
considered for passage. Students must develop a paper that addresses the following:
1.) Identify and describe the legislation and/or proposed bill
2.) Describe what the key aspects of the legislation or bill are and what areas of health care it addresses
3.) Provide a description of the health care issues included in the proposed bill and how it influences
nursing practice/care as well as how it will potentially impact the health care system and
patients/communities, etc.
4.) Include two-three newspaper articles in your references from: (ie The New York Times, Wall Street
Journal, Washington Post, or Journal News) that addresses the legislation/ proposed bill.
5.) Provide your position for this legislation/bill using evidence and literature to support your position on
this issue.
6.) This assignment requires a minimum of 6 references including the newspaper articles.

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