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Health Improvement Program Educational Handout

Create a 1- to 2-page patient educational handout for the Leading Health Indicator you select from the following link Use the Community Guide website to find a population health program that focuses specifically on the LHI that you selected. This program should include information on the financial aspects of providing the program as well as participating in the program. This handout will be patient-focused and should be written at a sixth-grade level. The goal is to identify and manage or prevent chronic illness. You can use pictures, graphs, charts, etc. to make your handout eye catching and get the point across. Be sure your handout is easy to read and can be understood by the general population. If you use images, make sure these are not copyrighted and are culturally diverse and appropriate.

identify the specific population that you are addressing.
Describe the needs of the population.
Identify the LHI that this population health program addresses.
Describe at least two social determinants of health that impact the population.
Identify and briefly describe the population health program that you selected.
Explain whether or not the program gained success within the population.