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Health and Human Services

Health and Human Services


It may seem to you that healthcare has been a national topic of debate among political leaders for as long as  you can remember.
Healthcare has been a policy item and a topic of debate not only in recent times but as far back as the administration of the second U.S. president, John Adams. In 1798, Adams signed legislation requiring that 20 cents per month of a sailor’s paycheck be set aside for covering their medical bills. This represented the first major piece of U.S. healthcare legislation, and the topic of healthcare has been woven into presidential agendas and political debate ever since.
As a healthcare professional, you may be called upon to provide expertise, guidance and/or opinions on healthcare matters as they are debated for inclusion into new policy. You may also be involved in planning new organizational policy and responses to changes in legislation. For all of these reasons you should be prepared to speak to national healthcare issues making the news.
In this Assignment, you will analyze recent presidential healthcare agendas. You also will prepare a fact sheet to communicate the importance of a healthcare issue and the impact on this issue of recent or proposed policy.
Review the agenda priorities of the current/sitting U.S. president and the two previous presidential
Select an issue related to healthcare that was addressed by each of the last three U.S. presidential
Reflect on the focus of their respective agendas, including the allocation of financial resources for addressing the healthcare issue you selected.
Consider how you would communicate the importance of a healthcare issue to a legislator/policymaker or a member of their staff for inclusion on an agenda.
The Assignment: (1- to 2-page Comparison Grid, 1-Page Analysis, and 1-page Fact Sheet)
Part 1: Agenda Comparison Grid
Use the Agenda Comparison Grid Template found in the Learning Resources and complete the Part 1: Agenda
Comparison Grid based on the current/sitting U.S. president and the two previous presidential administrations and their agendas related to the public health concern you selected. Be sure to address the following:
Identify and provide a brief description of the population health concern you selected and the factors that contribute to it.
Describe the administrative agenda focus related to the issue you selected.
Identify the allocations of financial and other resources that the current and two previous presidents dedicated to this issue.
Explain how each of the presidential administrations approached the issue.
Part 2: Agenda Comparison Grid Analysis
Using the information you recorded in Part 1: Agenda Comparison Grid on the template, complete the Part 2:
Agenda Comparison Grid Analysis portion of the template, by addressing the following:
Which administrative agency would most likely be responsible for helping you address the healthcare issue you selected?
How do you think your selected healthcare issue might get on the agenda for the current and two previous presidents? How does it stay there?
Who would you choose to be the entrepreneur/ champion/sponsor of the healthcare issue you selected for the current and two previous presidents?
At least 2 outside and 2-3 course resources are used.
Part 3: Narrative
Using the information recorded on the template in Parts 1 and 2, develop a 1-page narrative that you could use to communicate with a policymaker/legislator or a member of their staff for this healthcare issue. Be sure to address the following:
Summarize why this healthcare issue is important and should be included in the agenda for legislation.
Justify the role of the nurse in agenda setting for healthcare issues.
At least 3 resources are used.
Part 1: Agenda Comparison Grid-

The Us Department of Health insurance and Man Solutions (HHS), also called the Health Section, is actually a case-degree exec branch section from the U.S. authorities with the goal of safeguarding the fitness of all Americans and delivering essential man professional services. Its slogan is “Enhancing the health, safety, and well-simply being of United states”.[3] Prior to the different federal government Department of Education and learning was created in 1979, it was referred to as the Section of Overall health, Schooling, and Welfare (HEW).

HHS is administered from the Assistant of Health and Man Providers, who seems to be employed from the director with all the guidance and permission of the Senate. America Public Overall health Assistance (PHS) is the principal section of the HHS and is led by the Associate Secretary for Wellness. The positioning is currently held by Norris Cochran, who was hired as performing assistant pursuing the resignation of Alex Azar on January 20 at noon, along with the inauguration of Joe Biden.[4]

The Us Community Health Assistance Commissioned Corps, the uniformed services from the PHS, is guided from the Operating specialist Standard who accounts for responding to matters concerning open public overall health as licensed by the assistant or with the Helper Secretary of Well being along with her or his major objective of administering the Requested Corps. The Government Safety Agency (FSA) was established on July 1, 1939, underneath the Reorganization Act of 1939, P.L. 76-19. The goal would be to gather in a firm all national applications within the areas of health, education and learning, and societal protection. The very first National Stability Administrator was Paul V. McNutt.[5] The new agency originally was made up of the following main elements: (1) Office from the Manager, (2) Community Health Services (PHS), (3) Office of Schooling, (4) Civilian Efficiency Corps, and (5) Societal Stability Board.

By 1953, the government Stability Agency’s courses in health, training, and social protection had developed to this sort of importance that its twelve-monthly finances exceeded the mixed spending budgets from the Divisions of Trade, Justice, Work, and Internal and afflicted the lives of millions of people. Therefore, according to the Reorganization Take action of 1949, Director Eisenhower sent to the Congress on Mar 12, 1953, Reorganization Program No. 1 of 1953, which referred to as for that dissolution in the Federal government Stability Agency and elevation of the firm to Case status as the Section of Well being, Education, and Welfare. The program was accepted on April 1, 1953, and became powerful on April 11, 1953.

Unlike statutes authorizing the development of other management sectors, the items in Reorganization Plan No. 1 of 1953 have been never properly codified within the usa Code, even though Congress performed codify a later law ratifying the program. Nowadays, the program is integrated for an appendix to Headline 5 of the usa Rule. The effect is HHS may be the only executive section whose statutory groundwork right now sits over a confusing mixture of many codified and uncodified statutes.[citation essential]

Division of Overall health, Education, and Interest Close off of your U.S. Office of Health, Schooling, and Welfare Flag of the U.S. Section of Wellness, Education and learning, and Welfare The close and flag of your U.S. Section of Health, Training, and Well being The Division of Overall health, Schooling, and Welfare (HEW) was created on April 11, 1953, when Reorganization Prepare No. 1 of 1953 started to be effective. HEW thus took over as the initially new Cupboard-level office because the Division of Work was created in 1913. The Reorganization Plan abolished the FSA and transmitted all of its characteristics to the secretary of HEW and all aspects of the agency to the office. The very first secretary of HEW was Oveta Culp Interest, a local of Texas, who experienced dished up as commander of the Women’s Army Corps in The Second World War and was editor and creator of the Houston Article. Sworn in on Apr 11, 1953, as secretary, she was FSA manager since January 21, 1953.

The six key program-working aspects of the latest division have been people Overall health Support, the workplace of Education and learning, the foodstuff and Substance Management, the Sociable Stability Administration, your office of Vocational Rehab, and St. Elizabeth’s Healthcare facility. The office was also responsible for three federally helped organizations: Howard University or college, the American Printing Property for that Blind, and the Columbia School for your Deaf (Gallaudet College or university since 1954). Your Office of Inspector Standard, U.S. Office of Health and Man Professional services (OIG) investigates felony process for HHS. The special agents who work for OIG have the same title sequence “1811” as other federal government criminal researchers, including the FBI, HSI, ATF, DEA and Secret Service. They receive their police force training in the You.S. Division of Homeland Security’s Federal Police Force Education Heart in Glynco, Georgia. OIG Particular Agencies have specific expertise in examining white collar criminal activity related to Medicare insurance and Medicaid scam and mistreatment. Prepared crime has dominated the felony action in accordance with this sort of fraudulence.

HHS-OIG investigates tens of vast amounts in Medicare insurance fraudulence every year. Additionally, OIG continues its coverage of 50 says and the Region of Columbia by its multi-organization job forces (PSOC Task Forces) that establish, examine, and prosecute those who willfully stay away from transaction with their child support commitments underneath the Supporting Your Children Recovery Work.

HHS-OIG agencies also provide safety services on the Assistant of HHS, and also other office executives as necessary.

In 2002, the section released Healthy Individuals 2010, a federal tactical effort for enhancing the health of Americans.

With all the passageway of your Scams Enforcement and Recovery Respond of 2009, along with the Reasonably priced Treatment Respond of 2010, the workplace of your Inspector Standard is taking an emboldened posture against health care related non-concurrence, most notably for violations of Stark Rules as well as the Anti-Kickback Statute.[10]

In 2015, the OIG issued a fraud alert like a warning to medical facilities and health-related solutions to check and comply with their physician reimbursement preparations.[11]

Recent years have witnessed dramatic increases within both the number and also the levels of Stark Law violation settlements, prompting health care industry experts to determine a requirement for automated solutions that manage medical doctor arrangements by centralizing information you need with regard to physician–hospital integration.[12] Agreement management software program businesses like Meditract offer alternatives for overall health methods to arrange and shop physician commitments. Ludi Inc launched DocTime Sign, an SaaS option that specifically addresses this developing concern, automating physician time logging in agreement with deal terms to get rid of Stark Rules and Anti-Kickback Law infractions.[13]

According to a study released with the OIG in July 2019, a lot more than 80 percent of the 4,563 You.S. hospice centers offering care to Medicare recipients questioned from 2012 to 2016 have one or more deficit and 20 percent have a minimum of one “serious deficit”.[14]

From January 2020, Christi Grimm had become the main deputy inspector basic. She presumed the responsibilities of an operating inspector basic, since the inspector general publish was bare.[15] In April 2020, Grimm released a study which questioned the state hospitals in late March throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in america. The medical facilities noted “extreme shortages of screening supplies”, “regularly hanging around one week or longer for examination final results”, which extended the size of affected individual remains and strained sources, and “wide-spread shortages of PPE”.[16] President Trump called the report “improper” and questioned Grimm’s motives. Later he called the statement “An additional Fake Dossier! “[17] In May 2020, Trump nominated Jason Weida being the long term inspector basic, pending confirmation from the U.S. Senate. According to a section spokeswoman, Grimm will always be as primary deputy inspector basic.