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Hanna Arendt on violence

Hanna Arendt on violence

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Find the attached document which is an article and has 7 questions,i need you to answers these questions by your own word and being critical. please highlight the answers in text(showing from which paragraphs you have got the answers) and then answer it by your own word.

gggbalccordmg to Arendt, is it 1mpo831ble to galn power or found a state on Violence alone?
She says Violence is instrumentalia mere means to an end, Whereas power is an end to itself.
What does she mean by these dlstinctlons? (p.51)

She talks of the role of justification and legitimacy when it comes to power and violence.
What does she mean by these two terms and Why can Violence be justified but never

She is adamant that violence is instrumental and it needs implements. (pp.52-3). This allc
violence to destroy power but it also means it can never create power. Why not and do yo
agree? What are the contemporary implements of violence in the war on terror or the war
E terror if you prefer?
E When power is under threat she argues then violence increases yet, optimistically, she says
that this alone cannot make power. Why not? (p. 55)
What is the difference between violence and terror? (13.5 5)
She concludes that the opposite of violence is not nonviolence but power. Can you explain
how she arrives at this odd conclusion?

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