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Hand Hygiene is the Single Most Important Remedy for Nosocomial Infections

Hand Hygiene is the Single Most Important Remedy for Nosocomial Infections
Synthesis Essay #2 Assignment Sheet
The last major assignment of the semester is also the longest and requires the most work with argument and revision. You should feel confident entering into this challenge because Synthesis Essay #1 already provided you with the necessary practice for this final essay. Synthesis #2 Essay must be in the topic area of “Health and Medicine” (Common Reader Chapter 12 or other assigned readings). 1 of these 7 sources must be an essay from the “Health and Medicine” assigned readings.


This final synthesis essay gives you a chance to really stretch your writing muscles and argue your topic in numerous ways to logically persuade your reader. Your sources will be valuable in providing examples or support for your ideas as well as counter arguments or ideas that you will shoot down or dismiss as you argue a particular position (thesis). Essentially, you must argue a position in this essay and use sources to help prove your point.

Required Sources
Compose a 7-8-page/7 source argument synthesis in the topic area of “Health and Medicine” (Common Reader Chapter 9 or assigned readings on Blackboard) or “Media and Popular Culture” and “Health and Medicine” (Common Reader Chapters 9 and 12 or assigned readings on Blackboard): . The remaining sources you may locate through films, music, television, interviews, e-journals, e-magazines, e-books, credible online web-based sources, or the physical versions of these e-sources.

Style and Structure
As with Synthesis #1 you want your sources to have a dialogue and work on your terms. You should include one or two counter arguments to show your versatility in arguing and seeing different sides of the topic. Do not simply support one of your sources as the only way to see something; instead, decide your approach and use the sources to help you build points. You may certainly string together points that you like from several articles and combine them into a persuasive statement of your own. This is one way to see how a synthesis builds. Your job is to conduct the orchestra and use such skills as summarizing, critiquing, and arguing to bring the reader to your point of view. We will (again) work with counter arguments in class discussion . While ten pages and ten sources might seem a monstrous task, you should not panic. If you break your argument into three or four main points and develop approx. 2 pages per point, you will have enough to discuss. Expect a page or so for the introduction and conclusion, each, and you are left with 5 or 6 pages for the body of the paper. Work on this essay in “chunks” and perhaps think about how your sources will fit within these chunks too. You could perceive this as writing 3 or 4 small critique papers and then revising them to flow together.

The Annotated Bibliography Assignment, the Formal Written Proposal, Peer Responses, a Synthesis Essay #2 Workshop, and individual conferences should be helpful to you through the research and drafting stages of this essay.

Remember the essay should have an intro. (including thesis statement), body, conclusion, proper MLA formatting, and a Works Cited page.

The Writing Process: not to fear
All this may seem like a lot to absorb at one time, and it is. While we may be moving through the writing process at a faster speed than what is comfortable for you, you will be receiving feedback from your group members (1st Draft Peer Review) and comments from me on the 1st Draft and in an individual conference, so support and assistance are available. If at any point you get stuck, don’t wait to get a hand. When working on any writing project, in fact, always use your instructor, your classmates, and your friends as resources. No writer can go it alone.

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