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Gun Control Laws

Gun Control Laws

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Working Thesis:
Gun control laws have proven to be ineffective and counter-productive because they do not reduce crime or murder rates, violent crime is higher in countries with strict gun control laws, and they take already limited funding away from aligned, better performing programs.

Thesis and Annotated Bibliography Requirements:

A. Arguable thesis statement containing two to four main points.

B. Annotated bibliography of 10 credible sources

1. Include a full, APA-formatted reference citation for each source.

2. Provide an annotation (suggested length of 150 words) for each source that includes the following:
a. a summary of the information presented in the source
b. an analysis of the credibility of each source’s author or publication, if no author is present
c. an analysis of the relevance of each source to your chosen topic

3. Provide an annotation that is written in your own words, without the excessive use of direct quotation or extensive paraphrasing, for each source from part B.

Argumentative Research Paper Requirements:

A. Write a cohesive, argumentative research paper (suggested length of 10–15 pages) containing the following:
1. Effective introduction.
2. Appropriate thesis statement that previews two to four main points.
3. Develop each of the main points in effective paragraphs with support from a variety of sources.
4. Effective conclusion.

B. Include at least 7 academically credible sources in your essay.
1. For your sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.

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