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Guidelines for the Poster

1-read the Cognitive Construals (to understand the concept)

2- use paired sample t test on all of my questions do it on spss
My research questions are:
Is there a difference between pre and post test on essentialism
on teleology on anthropocentrism
3- report the results in result section
4-do the graph for results
5-discuss the results in discussion section
6- take a question from the survey package and give an example in methods section. (in order to give an idea about what was one of the question in survey package)
Talk about your design, participants and materials (method section)
Make a screenshot of question in survey and put it in methods for an example
İf you have space put references-papers of interest
You should write all this data in the power point poster template

Thank you so much for your help 

I attached some images down below they are poster examples, just to give you an idea, you dont need to put a photo on the poster but the graph is very important.

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Video Games Rationale

The idea that video games affect people’s minds in different ways has long been concerning modern society. The problem seems a lot more serious regarding children, as they spend much more time playing than adults do. Moreover, as a child’s personality is only developing, they accumulate everything around and base their decisions on the experience gained. Thus, there is a definite need to research the issue and evaluate how playing video games affects modern children and does it change their life perception.
Video games are popular all over the world disregarding politics, religion, economic, or social state of particular geographical areas. Therefore, the issue equally concerns any audience; it affects every socially active person on the planet. The research should be as diverse as possible, taking into account all probable factors and outcomes.
The most significant problem of video games’ effect on psychology is violence. War, crime, and fights are amongst the themes of bestselling titles in a gaming world. By playing with such settings, a human being feels the adrenaline and thrill of dangerous situations whereas staying safe at home. Such experience is undoubtedly unique and interesting but not for children with unformed views on life in a society. The violence on screens, especially in large amounts, becomes the dominating thought of a child’s brain as it is associated with the thrill. Therefore, young gamers might want to transfer the excite to a real world.
Annotated Works Consulted
Devnath, Vinay. “14 Reasons Why Playing Video Games Is Actually Very Good For You”. Storypick, 2018, Accessed 9 Nov 2018.
The author describes how many beneficial skills playing video games can help one develop. These include problem-solving abilities, creativity, socializing, and perseverance. The article is a manifestation of an opposing point of view; thus, it can be used to describe the probable advantages of gaming and to compare them to disadvantages. However, the comparison should be oriented to proving that even all these pros are not significant regarding mental health issues the excessive gaming can cause.

Gee, James Paul. Why Video Games Are Good For Your Soul. Common Ground Publishing, 2005.
The book researches how playing video games can make anybody a better version of themselves. There are various features that the author believes gaming has, such as being able to learn strategy, develop tactic combat knowledge, become an engineer, or anything else. It is stated in the work that video games have a huge learning potential and even can be used in schools to teach children to develop creative thinking. All these factors are truly positive, but the addiction some children face playing for too much makes them fade. Thus, the author’s point of view should be refuted regarding children and teenagers.

Groves, Christopher L., and Craig A. Anderson. Negative Effects Of Video Game Play. Center For The Study Of Violence, Department Of Psychology, Iowa State University, 2015, Accessed 9 Nov 2018.
The work researches and describes the theories of violent media effect, as well as other social factors that lead to the desensitization to violence. Different possibilities are taken into account, for instance, the nonaggressive outcomes of violent game playing. Therefore, this article is useful to find arguments that refute the opposite point of view and prove the harmful effect of video games. The long-term processes of repeated violent games playing are depicted in the article, which might help understand the reasons why gaming makes children more violent.

Huff, Darrell. How To Lie With Statistics. W. W. Norton & Company, 2010.
The future research on video gaming amongst children requires a lot of data analysis and statistical evaluation. Thus, the book will be useful for figuring out what information is reliable and what should be treated like a fake. According to the author, there are numerous examples of corporations providing wrong or misleading information about the media intentionally or not. Without a shadow of a doubt, there are some false data about gaming as well; if so, a future research must not take it into account. Moreover, the misleading information might be a part of video games publishers’ marketing companies, as most of their audience consists of children under the age of eighteen.

Martinez, Kristina. “The Positive Effects Of Playing Video Games On Adolescence”. Psych 463: Social And Personality Development, Accessed 9 Nov 2018.
The article researches the benefits and biases about playing games referring to physical health and happiness. The author proves that gaming is not necessarily associated with an unhealthy lifestyle. On the contrary, there are various examples of how playing makes people burn calories, especially considering such active consoles like Kinect or Wii. Adding these arguments to a future research will help compare the pros and cons of video games and enhance comparatively how the issues with violence are much more significant than most of the possible advantages.

McLean, Lavinia, and Mark Griffiths. The Psychological Effects Of Videogames On Young People: A Review. International Gaming Research Unit, Psychology Division, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, 2013. Accessed 9 Nov 2018.
The research is dedicated to finding and evaluating the psychological effects of playing too much violent video games. It is stated than gaming is the most popular leisure activity in a lot of countries all over the world. The authors found out that the most impactful variables that affect children’s mental health are age, gender, character, culture, religion, and the content of a game. In addition, there are some recommendations in the article based on the monitoring the utilization of video games.

Nakamura, Lindsay. Video Games: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly. Psychology And Child Development Department College Of Liberal Arts California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, 2014, Accessed 9 Nov 2018.
The author researches positive and negative effects playing video games has on children of different age. In addition to “risky behavior” and violent tendencies, there are more disadvantages to playing violent games, such as substance use, careless driving, and gambling. Although these problems are both associated with children, they might emerge in the future, as people grow up spending years on playing. Therefore, this article should be used as a warning of how harmful games can be, and how important it is to prevent children from gaming for too long.

Polman, Hanneke et al. “Experimental Study Of The Differential Effects Of Playing Versus Watching Violent Video Games On Children’s Aggressive Behavior”. Aggressive Behavior, vol 34, no. 3, 2008, pp. 256-264. Wiley, doi:10.1002/ab.20245.
The experimental study was dedicated to learning more about the influence violent games have on children and teenagers. There were three different groups, in which some children were actually playing, some were watching the gameplay, and others were playing a non-violent game. The results show that those who played violent games tended to be more irritated and hateful throughout the rest of the day. Moreover, children from the second group were far less affected. Therefore, only playing the game changes the behavior and affects mental health.

Singh, Pankaj et al. “Effect Of Video And Mobile Games On Children’s Behavior”. Indian Journal Of Health And Wellbeing, 2016, pp. 488-492., Accessed 9 Nov 2018.
This experiment was aimed at finding the correlation between mobile and video games and children’s psychological reaction to them. The results show that the excessive time spent on playing such games makes subjects feel more anxious, hyperactive, and inattentive. A lot of children had communication problems, aggressive thoughts, and conduct disorders. Without a shadow of a doubt, these data will be useful in proving the point of a future research that video games are harmful for children’s innocent minds.

Turkle, Sherry. How Computers Change The Way We Think The Chronicle Of Higher Education, 2004, pp. 104-109.
The author researchers how information technologies change life perception of the entire generation. It gets harder for people to interact socially outside of their devices, and even the way human beings think is different from a hundred years ago. There is too much information for society to consume. This work can significantly help in understanding the sociological and psychological aspects of violence in video games. Considering that even social networks and online chats make people feel anxious and more depressed than usually, an excessive gaming is undoubtedly a disruptive and harmful activity for children.

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