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Group Product Positioning Deconstruction Exercise

At team level, your task is to choose two consumer product/service communication strategies as visible in the public marketplace for two direct competitors in the same product category.

Your task is to analyze relevant aspects of the communication strategies and your assessment of the effect of these strategies on consumers.

The essence of the assignment is to understand the positioning strategy of each of the products. Your task is to conduct background research to be able to articulate positioning statements that help to compare and contrast these two competing brands.

Remember, you are working with two direct competitors who are seemingly very similar. Your task is to study the communication strategies to determine how the products are positioned differently, however subtle that difference may be. Remember, a positioning statement refers to how the seller wants to position the product in the minds of their consumers.

Hypotheses of your Positioning Statement

Next, once you articulate your version of the positioning statement, you need to test your hypotheses of your positioning statement. This can be done through a qualitative assessment (e.g., key word or content analysis) of open-ended response questions or in- depth interviews or a series of closed-ended questions.

You will need a minimum of a four-person sample.
The last part of your assessment is to suggest changes, if any are needed, to resolve differences between what the seller intended, your interpretation of those intentions and the respondent’s beliefs.

You will be responsible to prepare a 7 page (I am strict on page limits), 1.5 lines spaced, 11-point font report. This excludes appendices, charts and graphs and exhibits. You are expected to prepare a reference list and cite all references you use in your report. You may choose the format for the references.

A suggested guide for the report breakdown is as follows:

  1. Products and Market Segment(s) 1 page
  2. Sellers Communication Strategies 2 pages
  3. Positioning Hypotheses 1 page
  4. Data Collection and Analysis 2 page
  5. Conclusions and Recommendations 1 page
    This project is a group project and requires 2 deliverables (see Schedule in syllabus).
    Besides the written report, you will be required to present the final project, as a group, in class. Every member is required to speak during the presentation. Also, every member is expected to contribute his/her fair share to this assignment. There is a peer evaluation form that is due at the end of the semester that can adjust individual grades based on peer evaluations. Each team and I will have frequent team discussions in class to discuss progress and direction for this assignment.

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