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Great Lakes Water Supply

. The next major assignment is in two-parts: writing the research proposal and writing a Works Cited page in correct MLA format. I have provided instructions for both. Also, make sure you visit MLA OWL Purdue as this site contains all the examples you will need for your Works Cited page.
2. The first thing you have to do is to select a research topic. I am providing you with a list of topics that you must select from, as I do not want any of you to research the same topics you did in high school.

3. We are constantly reminded that our states, regions, and countries are part of a larger world; for example, how do our shopping habits affect child workers in China? How will the Great Lakes’ water supply be affected by water supply demands of other regions of the U.S., the world? After discussing issues related to the broader topics listed below, you are to select a more narrowly defined topic to explore. Here are some broader topics that you will need to narrow:
• consumerism
• free trade
• globalization
• sweatshops
• outsourcing and employment in a global economy
• immigration: legal or illegal
• Global tensions over religious differences
• trafficking of women and children or child labor
• global conflicts over food,water, climate change
• water crisis in California or other western states
• immigration crisis in Europe
• immigration crisis in United States
4. After selecting a topic, you are to collect 12 sources; these sources have to be a mixture of newspaper articles, magazine articles, books, and academic journal articles. Read up on your topic.
5. After reading up on your topic, you will want to narrow your topic and enter the argument or controversy from a unique point of view.
6. Write the 2-page proposal and then write the Works Cited page.