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good practice in Post compulsory education and training (PCET)

good practice in Post compulsory education and training (PCET)
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Write an academic report (essay-style) on good practice for teachers in the sector, capturing generic good practice (i.e. what all teachers need to know and do) and subject specialist good practice (i.e. what teachers in your subject area need to know and do). As a starting point, you will ensure that you have explained where our notions of ‘good practice’ in adult learning and teaching come from.
You will draw specific examples from your own professional practice – planning, learning, teaching, assessment, resources, communication, behaviour and classroom management – to support a discussion of your own practice and how it aligns to ‘good practice’.
Use the Lightbody report for introduction in essay (500 words). Here is a link:

Use the professional standards in terms how they are a benchmark of good practice. Here is a link:

Discuss the policies of this institution:

Discuss 2 instances where I have observed good practice from other teachers.
Speak of the time I observed a teacher explaining a complex assessment by doing a form of the assessment himself and talking through the processes as a class (modelling) to ensure everyone understood what was expected of them.
Discuss the instance I observed a teacher who sat with an autistic student just prior to her exam and asked her potential exam questions which he knew she would know the answer to just to boost the her confidence going into the exam.

Discuss 3 examples of good practice from my own practice.
Speak of the occasion I helped a student with a role-play assessment which was being videoed. His partner had not showed up and this was making him anxious. I volunteered to do the assessment with and take the place of his partner. the student was incredibly nervous about the assessment and did not want to do it. He was struggling with a script which he had written for the role-play. I noticed that the pressure of memorizing the script was adding undue pressure. I had a chat to give him some confidence and told him he should discard the script and we should do the role-play naturally. He completed the assessment in this way and achieved a very good grade.
Speak of the occasion I helped an unproductive student become productive. Instead of disciplining her for her unproductivity I had a conversation and discovered that her unproductivity was because she was scared to ask for help because she did not want to appear ‘stupid’. I offered her encouragement and the student has now completed all work on time and has been productive since.
Speak of the occasion where a verbal fight broke in the middle of a lesson between two sets of friends in a class. I handled the situation with authority and ensured the situation did not escalate, that the class remained on task, the relevant students were appropriately disciplined and returned to work after I gave them a time out to calm down.

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