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This assignment is the first step in preparing the background section of the innovation
project proposal. Develop a search strategy that will find key articles summarizing
what is known about the problem and what solutions have been tried in the past.
Search broadly for relevant articles, looking in nursing, medical, technology,
communication, and behavioral science and social science databases. Prepare a matrix
of five articles which demonstrate literature appropriate to the background section of
the proposal. This assignment is not a synthesis of all read materials, but is a matrix
of important articles that demonstrate thinking broadly and encompasses the main
points of paper.
A separate paper, outlining the assignment process, should be typed in APA format
including the tone and use of language discussed in the APA manual. It should include
separate subsections for the description of search criteria used, keywords selected for
the search and why chosen, database(s) selected to conduct the search and why chosen,
the matrix of 5 articles broken down. The matrix should be attached in the body of the
paper, after the reference page and not as a separate submission. It should conclude
with a summary discussing why these articles where chosen.