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Global Supply Chain Design and Import/Export Group Project

This project is about you explaining how to import a product into the United States.
You work for company that is based in the United States and you need to import a
product from abroad. You’ll identify one global source country and city (not located in
the United States) and one United States city and state in which to import your product
to. You should consider the situation as you are starting a new company or expanding
your current business. You are not doing research on a current company or on an
already established supply chain. You’ll select a product and quantities (approved by
the instructor), select one sourcing country based on your research (approved by the
instructor), and select one city in the U.S. (approved by the instructor) and then do the
appropriate research hereafter.
Your final report should read like a professional business report with descriptive details
about export and import procedures and your reasons for each of your decisions where
appropriate (examples: choice of countries, transportation modes, routes, choice of
intermediaries). It is imperative that you provide explanations about your decisionmaking. Your final report should be thoroughly detailed so that someone who does not
know anything about exporting/importing or the countries you have selected will come
away with a feeling that they have obtained substantial export knowledge from you,
and that they will feel like they have been in the countries you are describing.
As a final note, using a simple one-stop approach like calling UPS, FedEx or DHL is not
appropriate. The goal of this project is for you to understand what is actually required
to export and import products.
The three most important aspects of this project are 1) your research findings, 2)
related decisions based on your research, and 3) your application of the tools