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Global Mindset Paper

This paper will be a 4-page reflection on what YOU have learned about:

  • the globalization of business operations;
  • the unique qualities the business climate of Prague brings to the global marketplace\
  • what you will need to do to further develop your global mindset to become an effective global manager.

In preparing your response to this assignment, you should draw from your personal experiences on the international study tour, from the content of the guest lecturers, assigned readings, and company tours. Connect the insights and lessons that you have derived from the assigned readings to what you actually saw in practice. Discuss both the consistencies and inconsistencies. Integrate all these into a personal reflection on the new knowledge and insights that you have gained about the globalization of business operations.

Refer to the Global Mindset framework found in Appendix B of this syllabus as a way of exploring the various aspects of your global competency and any gaps you may have or want to strengthen.

The questions below can assist you with the writing of your personal reflection and personal development paper. The list below is only a guide.[1]    You do not have to answer all of them. 

What are the key dynamics underlying the globalization of business? How are these changing? How might they change in the future?

What are the differences and similarities in business norms and practices between the US and Czech, both overt and subtle? How representative are these of the wider South American region?

What seem to be the personal attributes and managerial competencies necessary for effectiveness and success as a global manager?

What frameworks or ideas presented during our trip were most beneficial to you to identify strengths and areas of needed improvement for you to become a more effective global manager?

What will you need to do after this course to achieve your career and life vision?

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