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Global Information Ethics

Write an concise, clear and coherent essay of 4 pages double spaced on the following topic. Your essay should have a clearly stated thesis that specifies what you will prove. Always gives reasons for every substantive claim you make, and be careful not to leave out any steps in your reasoning. Be sure to answer the question, the whole question, and nothing but the question. Also be careful to address the objections of those who might disagree with you.

In light of our investigation of an emerging GLobal Information Ethics evaluate whether and how the computer revolution is likely to transform global ethics in much the same way the printing press transformed ethics in Europe. If such a transformation is likley, will it be for the better or for the worse? What, if anything, can we do now to help make sure it is for the better?

To get to the root of all these questions, you need to adress the deepest level at stake here:
Does ICT make it more or less likley that you will “make something of your self?”

Set up your answer in light of the following further questions:
What does is mean to “make something of one’s self?
How is technology related to ‘making something of one’s self’? (Engage Gorniak) Basically do we agree or disagree with Gorniak

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