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Global Business Plan

Prepare a 3-page paper based on your on-Iine research and analysis-
You are a senior executive of a firm that is seeking to expand globally. The CEO has tasked you to develop a Business
Plan for the global product/service identified in Global Business Plan Activity #1- During this case study, apply and refine
your preliminary plans presented in Global Business Plan Activity #2-
Within your industry, the CEO believes that labor costs at American locations are too high and will hamper the ability of
your company to compete- Health care costs, for example, can be very high-
The CEO wishes you to investigate the Human Resources aspects of a decision on where to locate the primary facilities
for your global product/services- You are to prepare a report that addresses some fundamental questions:
Why might a company choose to produce in one low-cost country rather than another?
Now consider what new challenges come from producing in foreign locations- For your global product/service:
How should wage rates be determined?
What about other parts of a compensation plan such as vacation days and health care packages?
Should companies participate in labor unions?
Finally, consider whether expatriates who manage the foreign operations should be paid according to their home country
levels, or according to host country rates- Suppose a company location has two senior executives of equal rank, one
hired locally, and one sent from headquarters-
How should their compensation packages be determined?
Tailor your responses to the firm you have been studying in this course-
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