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GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

“Below you will find some example questions you should use to guide you through this essay. Pick up one or more of these questions or create your own question that you would like to elaborate on and write about what you have learned. Develop your own opinion and argue for or against points made in the readings. Cite the articles you use in your essay, appropriately, and identify additional sources of information, build them in to strengthen your arguments and cite them. The use of references and how you cite them will show me if you understood what kind of information you have to look for, whether you understood the context and how to explore the topic. Take this writing very serious; it’s important for you to learn how to correctly use terms in the context of GIS and the geospatial sciences in general. You will have to write in a very concise form. Do not simply summarize the articles for the chosen reading discussion but use them as information sources. These essay guidelines are rather open and leave some flexibility regarding your writing style. Be inspired!”


These are the articles you need to read and discuss about in this essay:

And these are the questions you should use to help guide you through this essay. Try to incorportate them as much as possible:

What are the meanings of “scale” in Geographical Analysis

Why is scale such a complex phenomenon?

What are the implications of scale effects for the analysis?

How is scale handled (or not handled) in the natural and social sciences differently?


Remember, this is not a summarization, but more of an analysis, this is very important. This is a college level course so it should be written at a high level. Paper should be between 600-750 words, not including the citations/title page (cannot be more than 750 words).

If the paper is turned in on time and very well written using the instructions above, I promise to throw in a tip. Let me know if you have any questions at all.

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