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Genealogy Resources and Services Paper

Genealogy Resources and Services PaperGenealogy Resources and Services Paper Select a genealogy collection at a local library or archive (or one that is accessible) and prepare a report describing the collection’s resources and services. Choose a collection that you can visit in person; consult journal articles and books written about the collection; thoroughly explore the collection’s Web site, its finding aids, publications, etc. Address as many of the points below as possible. You may also add additional relevant information not indicated below. Expected length of the report including title page including bibliography is 12-15 pages, double-spaced. Paper Format Begin with a title page with appropriate title, student name and email, course number and date. An image on the title page is required (preferred image is one of the student at the collection); additional images within the text are optional. Note: You must use all the subtopics below to organize the paper. History When and why was the collection created? Include background information and history of the collection. Organization Who is the head of the collection? How many staff work there? How is the collection organized? Programs and Services What programs and/or services does the collection offer to the public? …. to professionals? Publications Finding aids, databases? Print (tangible) publications for sale? News items, free materials (periodicals, brochures, etc.)? Provide URLs for Web items? Web Site Evaluation Evaluation of resources found on the Web site homepage and other resources linked to the homepage Primary sources? How to access or acquire copies? Digital collections of primary resources, including advertisements, charts, diaries, drawings, leaflets, letters, maps, memoirs, motion pictures, photographs, posters, prints, and recordings? Bibliography of cited sources Appendices May include one or more appendices of materials related to the collection such as finding aids.

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