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Gene Technology and Ethics

Understanding and applying gene technology concept is critical in modern environmental, and industrial departments.  The goal of this assignment is to design your own case-study regarding a particular gene technology application with a recommended solution to the problem.  


Identify a situation or problem that you wish to solve in the biotechnological industry or an area that interests you.  Research the topic and read about how gene manipulation is taking place.  Try to pick real-life examples.  You can innovate new solutions to a hypothetical problem but be realistic. 

Pick a ONE topic within the ONE of following areas:

  • Environmental: food and crop production
  • Environmental: waste clean up
  • Microorganisms, virus, bacterial transgenes etc
  • Bio-entrepreneurship 

Your paper should contain the following sections with appropriate headings:

1. Introduction

Highlight the paper’s focus and purpose. Then, describe:

  • The situation or problem on which you will focus: What is going on, who is involved, what is bothering you about the situation, and what do you wish was different and better?

2. Core

Write about the genetic engineering techniques or biotechnology techniques.  You need to show a basic understanding and not go into too much detail.  Write about how you can solve the problem and what are the results you wish to achieve or have been achieved. 

  • Discuss the importance of your technique(s) in the field and how it aims to help humanity in the near future. 
  • Are there any ethical issues involved? Mention them and discuss solutions to overcome the ethical issues if this is feasible.

3. Analysis

  • Did the research technique work? Did it produce the expected results? If not, what went wrong?
  • If applicable, explain other techniques, which can be used instead, to get the desired result.
  • In your discussion, also critically analyze the concepts you have researched.  Are these concepts applicable, ethical, and useful? Would you have to modify or adapt them? Are they practical for our culture?

4. Conclusion

  • Draw some conclusions regarding what you have learned about the topic.  
  • Do you have any new questions to ask?

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