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Gender Roles in the Middle East

For this assignment, you will craft a researched essay on a topic of your choosing. Your topic should
connect to the subjects of gender roles, gender creativity, and/or feminism in the Middle East.
Following are additional instructions:
● The first draft of your essay should engage with at least three credible sources.
● You should reference and synthesize at least five credible sources in the final draft of your
● In the introduction, I urge you to include a they say/I say statement that positions your
argument in relation to those of other writers (scholars and/or journalists).
● I strongly encourage you to conduct your research using books and online databases from
our library. These websites also include many credible pieces of journalism that you may use
to support your argument.
Required resource:
Possible resources:
● Resources for writing and research
● Al Jazeera
● The Jordan Times
● The New York Times
Formatting requirements
1. Give your essay a creative and engaging title.
2. Include page numbers in the top right corner.
3. Provide in-text citations a Works Cited page that follow MLA style
4. Use 1-inch margins all around (top, bottom, left, and right).
5. Double-space your work.
6. Use Times New Roman 12 pt. Font
7. At least 1000 words in length.
1. Introduction and thesis statement: /15
1. Writer has an exceptional introduction that states their essay’s topic and grabs the
reader’s interest
2. Author’s thesis is exceptionally clear, arguable, well-developed, and a definitive
3. Writer connects their argument to their research using a recognizable they say/I say
2. Engagement with audience: /15
1. Essay includes all background information that is necessary to understand the
context of each claim
2. When appropriate, writer acknowledges possible counterarguments
3. Writer holds their readers’ attention and demonstrates mastery over their research by
expressing their ideas using an original and creative voice
3. Use of evidence: /20
1. The paper references and deftly synthesizes at least 5 credible sources
2. All included information clearly relates to the thesis statement
3. Author provides in-text citations and a Works Cited page that follow MLA style
4. Organization and unity: /20
1. Paragraphs are developed with a logical structure and clear transitions
5. Writing workshops and revision: /20
1. Significant growth from draft to draft
2. Avid participation in peer editing workshops
6. Grammar, mechanics, spelling, and formatting: /10
1. Writer demonstrates an understanding of formal writing conventions by reading the
draft carefully for sentence-level mistakes such as typos, capitalization, punctuation,
and grammatical mistakes
2. Author follows all formatting requirements listed above