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Gender in Little Women

What does Greta Gerwig’s Little Women argue about the nature of gender?
1. Watch Little Women 2. Think o What argument is the director. Greta Gerwig, making through the film? o What is your response to Gerwig’s argument? Do you agree? Disagree? Would you qualify her argument? Why do you think this way? What in your own personal experience has IS you to these positions?
3. Write o After exploring all of the assigned resources for the unit. compose a thesis statement that answers the following prompt:
o Compose a 1500.2000-word paper that explores the film and answers the prompt using quotes from the film, specific references to scenes, and an analysis that connects the examples to your overall argument. o Respond to the ideas and arguments of the text with your own ideas. Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not? It may help you make this portion of the essay your conclusion. Once again, be as specific as possible by using concrete examples and real-world experiences. o Use at least 3 quotes from your chosen text. o Use quotes from at least 3 outsides sources to support your argument that you have gathered from TCC’s databases. It may be helpful to search for biographical information on Greta Gerwig, critical evaluations or reviews of the film, or on feminism in general. 4. Format o Make sure your paper is in MLA format with correct in-text citations and a proper works cited page.