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Gender, age, and Social Class

Paper Instructions

Use the 4 frames: Personal, Enacted, Relational, and Communal and apply them to each of the 3 categories. Describe, illustrate, show, and explain, what that identity means to you.
The way you do this, is your choice: through essay, pictures, art, poetry, music, videos, memes, tweets, social media posts, etc. In this section, use your Personal Identity Portfolio Worksheets to think about the ways you enact your identity. What is involved? What do you do or say to
express it? What about this helps establish your sense of identity? Why is it important to you?
(3). Pain: Share a story about a time it was especially painful to be identified with one of your identity categories. What exactly made you feel out of place or disconnected? How did you cope? Would you approach
the situation differently today?
(4). Pride: Share a story about a time you were especially proud to identify yourself with one of the categories. What was the experience like? How did it affect the way you see yourself?
(5). Nurtured Seed Idea: Similar to a ‘light bulb’ moment, share about a concept from class that you now understand, or see in a different way, even though you were aware of the concept before.

every topic it should be has 4 things EX:
age Personal:………
age Enacted:……….
age Relational:………
age Communal:……
I need it very very easy work to read, I am international women from Saudi Arabia and I need information between USA and Saudi Arabia. I want a video for each topic is not more then 3 minutes.
about the gender I want to make it very matter because my religion.
the book name:
Difference Matters COMMUNICATING SOCIAL IDENTITY Second Edition Brenda J. Allen University of Colorado at Denver WAVELAND PRESS, INC.

Allen, Brenda J.. Difference Matters: Communicating Social Identity . Waveland Pr Inc. Kindle Edition.

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