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GEN George Patton Research Proposal & Literature Review

Paper details:
Your task for the research paper is to do what we are doing in our Week 3 (At Bottom of Instructions) forum discussion with ATG and apply the criteria I have
identified as defining a Great Captain to a leader of your own choosing (and not one we will consider in this course: ATG, Frederick the Great, and Douglas
MacArthur). Based upon the way I have crafted the discussion prompt (which is quite intentional, to provide you with the opportunity to practice applying our
analytical framework), I find that we usually have some posts in this week’s forum that provide an excellent example (on a smaller scale) of the type of
methodical assessment you will have to produce for this assignment using each aspect of the MILS512 Great Captain definition as criteria for your
assessment and supported by references to credible sources of evidence.
The Research Question and Purpose Statement will largely be the same for each of you (see below), as the requirement directs that you adhere to the
assignment instructions presented above. For this assignment, it is most important that you identify an appropriate individual as the subject of your
assessment and that you identify an appropriate number of credible sources relevant to your subject and to which you have access to support your research.
Format. Please use the components listed below as the subheadings for your paper to ensure you address all required aspects of this assignment. This
means that your will use the following subheadings to structure your research proposal:…
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