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Gasoline Dispensing Facility (GDF) Fires

A video involving a fuel truck vapor fire has gone viral on the internet. (See video on Blackboard). A local GDF Association is concerned about having one of their gas stations in one of those videos. They have determined that one of the major causes of fire occurs from Stage I and Stage II Vapor Recovery Systems. In addition to the vapor recovery system fires there could be other causes of fire at gasoline stations, which do not occur as often but are still possible.

You have been hired by the GDF Association to conduct a hazard and risk assessment on gasoline station fires. In your hazard and risk assessment report you must conduct 3 different risk assessments related to GDFs. 2 of the risk assessments must be related to Stage I or II Vapor Recovery Systems.
Additionally, the report must include 1 Fault Tree Analysis and 1 HAZOP Analysis. For the other analysis, you may select from the following:
• Preliminary Hazard Analysis
• FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis)
• What-If Analysis
• Checklist Analysis
• Event Tree Analysis
• Other analyses you might find

The analysis does not have to be quantitative, however if you use quantitative data, you must provide reference to where you acquired the data. Do not just make up numbers or put data without the reference.
The Hazard and Risk Assessment Report must be typed and any trees and data tables must be neat and professionally done and include the following:
• Title Page
• Introduction
• Background of Vapor Recovery Systems
• 2 Hazard and Risk Analyses on Vapor Recovery Systems
• Background of other GDF fires
• 1 Hazard and Risk Analysis for other
• Conclusion

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