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Fundamentals testings and assessments

Clinical practitioners rely upon client reported histories of personal, medical, academic, social, emotional contexts and backgrounds from which to begin an evaluation of a client’s potential psychological assessment needs. This often includes the history of a client’s family members background details as well. Assume you are working in a practice where clients are received through intake procedures and are required to provide historical details about themselves and family members prior to being evaluated.
Assignment Instructions
• Formulate a set of questions for an intake questionnaire that would gather information needed to get a complete history and background of a client and relatives.
o Screening and Assessment (opens in a new window)
• Address the following in a written reflection that includes the questions you suggest for the examination.
o Discuss how an intake questionnaire might gather information about wellness.
o Discuss how psychological theory helps shape questions or instruments that measure psychological, emotional, social wellness, physical health or personality.