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Fundamental issues of political power

Many historians consider the 17th century as a turning point in the evolution of a modern state system in Europe. Europeans at that time were grappling with fundamental issues of political power:
1) Where does power come from? Who should wield political power and how?

2) What should be the relationship be between those that hold power and those that do not?

3) Who decides these different questions?

4) Broadly speaking, 2 types of government emerged as political solutions to the crises of the time-absolute monarchy and constitutional government. Compare and contrast the characteristics of these 2 types of government in the cases of Louis 14th’s absolutism in France and the development of English constitutionalism in the 17th century.

5) As you analyze and provide specific examples from these 2 studies, be sure to include a discussion of political theories that justified each of these political models. Did these types of government share anything in common?

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