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French or Francophone film

French or Francophone film

– Choose a project type. Select a type of final project from the following:

a. In-Depth Analysis. Write a critical essay that looks at a French or Francophone film in depth. The movie cannot be one screened in this course, but must still relate to a larger theme encountered in the materials. A list of suggested French films is available in the LLC. Your analysis should examine the conjunction of film form and relevant socio-historic trends.

b. Comparative Analysis. Write a critical essay that compares and/or contrasts two different films. One of your selected films must be a movie screened in this course. The other should be an English-language remake of a French film (or vice versa). Both movies should share an important thematic component or subject covered in class.

– Annotated bibliography. Use the library to find at least 5 secondary sources that support your argument or shape your project. Create a bibliography in MLA format that lists your sources.

the movie that we had watched are:
Les Visiteurs
Bon voyage
Monsieur Ibrahim and the flowers of Coran
Welcome to the Sticks / Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis
The Spanish Apartment
“The Intouchables”
Nothing to declare
Serial bad weddings

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