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Free Trade and Its Drawbacks

Read the following:

1. Chapter 5

Political Globalization from “Globalization: The Transformation of Social Worlds” Third Edition by Eitzen and Zinn. 
2. Choucri & Mistree “Globalization, Migration, & New Challenges to Governance”
3. Rosenberg “Why Mexico’s Small Corn Farmers Go Hungry” (2003) along with “For Mexicans Growing Corn is a National Heritage” (1992)

Campbell Commentary:

Please read the two articles, written roughly a decade apart on Mexican corn and later developments in global trade. Again, we can talk about globalization in ways that are economic but also have major cultural ramifications- beyond the idea that all things are reduced to monetary value.

As you read “Globalization, Migration and New Challenges to Governance” we can think about how the nation state is challenged and reformed through both globalization and migration. This is true on both sending and receiving ends of the equation.

We can also interrogate migration patterns in terms of cause- why do people leave? Is it choice or do people feel limiting options where they are?

The answer varies as we think of different types of migrants- economic migrants to refugees- politically defined as those fleeing violence of war (but not social violence such as that experienced in Central America related to M-13 and other militarized-gang groups).

What is not directly addressed, but is implicit is the role of citizenship regimes in limiting or empowering people’s movement. We are watching this play out in long-debated immigration policy in the US, DACA, and growth in xenophobia.

Critical Questions:

After reading the two articles on Mexican corn, what are some of the drawbacks to free trade, in this case the NAFTA agreement? How has trade affected Mexico’s farmers?

What are some of the new developments in global migration?

What do you think is a viable solution for 21st Century migration?

Who should control who enters a country- its officials, its people?

Or should more free movement allow for open borders with less restrictions for people who seek to migrate?

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