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Forensic Psychology

Forensic Psychology

Your assignment is to choose a particular topic in psychopathology and write a review of recent research findings and theoretical developments relating to that topic.

Your topic should relate to some aspect of the discipline of Forensic Psychology. Some examples may be: eyewitness accuracy; etiology of psychopathy; effectiveness of interrogation techniques, evaluations of correctional rehabilitation.

The degree of specificity depends on you, though you need to be aware of how broad/specific your topic may be. The most important aspect for this essay is the quality and depth of your empirical research. As such the more empirical evidence you present using peer reviewed journals/book is paramount to the quality of your essay.

A peer reviewed source is usually a journal article or a scholarly book that is written and critiqued by peers (i.e reviewers that are specialized in the field – in this case, Forensic psychology) before being approved for publish. Blogs, websites like mayo clinic, WebMD,, wikipedia are not peer reviewed sources. Journals like nature, science, The Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology, etc… are peer-reviewed sources (if in doubt, if the source appears in google scholar, it counts as a peer-reviewed source).

Please also provide the website, all sources NEEDS to be peer reviewed. (No books)

Peer reviewed-paper databases:
o Google scholar
o Science direct
o Ncbi
o The APA Database

Chosen topic: Eyewitness Testimony

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