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Foodetective B2C application business model development.

1) Customer Analysis: Give a clear description of the target Customer/s. (40 points)
You can go through a survey to determine the demand for food tech applications. (Focus on hospitality professionals) (Contact food bloggers, journalists, Restaurants, Chefs etc. ). As for example: age, location and profession.
application preferred for bookings? (ex LaFourchette)
application preferred for restaurant information? (ex. Guide Michelin)
What attracts the target customer to download such applications?
What information is the target Customer is looking for? (Discount code, location etc.)
2) Design the Blue Ocean strategy Canvas (Food Detective actual and new business model) and the Competition in the market (The Fork, passeport Gourmand and etc.) (30 points)
3) Using the ERRC Grid explains how food detectives should change the actual business model in order to gain a competitive advantage. (30 points)