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food safety in general

food safety in general
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final paper must be at least 15 pages, double-spaced (not including references, pictures, tables, or title page). There are due dates for your topic and progress.

Failure to meet a due date will result in losing 5% from your final paper grade. (e.g. 100% down to 95%). No excuses will be granted. Font should be 12-point and Times New Roman. Do not play around with the margins and narrow them because I will catch this and you will lose points. You may pick any public health issue. However, you must have my approval of the topic before you continue. You may pick a topic or a portion of a topic we discuss in class as long as you do not duplicate what is covered. For example, you could choose to write your paper on the U.S. health care system and future reform, the Arizona immigration law and debate, or write about the H1N1 flu and coverage from the scientific and media points of views.

A key to this paper is to look at the issue from multiple perspectives. Thus, you must utilize at least two perspectives. Perspective is essential to the course and this paper so view your topic in the same manner.

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