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FOOD DIARY SUPERTRACKER ASSIGNMENT. nutrition analysis & self reflection

FOOD DIARY SUPERTRACKER ASSIGNMENT. nutrition analysis & self reflection

use this name for supertracker account name: Muneera201101436

rubric and sample of this assignment are attached.
my height is 160 cm and weight 60 kilos , please us the US standard


Having a good understanding of what you put into your body each day is an important first step towards improving your nutrition. The Food Diary SuperTracker Assignment will serve as an excellent approach for you to increaseyour nutritionalintelligence. You will recordeverything that you eat and drink for (3) THREE DAYS. You will setup a SuperTracker account online and record and track your nutrition online.
Use your FIRST NAME and ID NUMBER. There are probably more than 40 people in my classes with your same name. When I download the files and I cannot determine the owner of the file, you will receive a ‘0” for the assignment.

As discussed in class, here is the basic procedure:

1. Setup a SuperTracker Profile.

Also seeYoutube “HOW TO” use SUPERTRACKER

2. Track everything you consume (all food and drink) each day for a total of (3) THREE days.
3. Exportthe Three reports inONEWORD format. Each Report must have your name and IDon it. COPY & PASTE each file in Word and submit as ONE file.NO SCREEN SHOTS, ZIP FILES, PUBLISHER or any files other than Word or Open Office Writer.
MAC users use OpenOffice Writer files. See Syllabus for details.

• Food Groups & Calories Report
• Nutrients Report
• Meal Summary Report

4. In a SEPARATE document, complete aReflection Page(APA style) based on the SuperTracker reports.
5. READ your reports BEFORE you answer these questions.
Answer the following questions. UseSPECIFIC examples and EXPLAIN your results in your reflection.
Be sure to SUPPORT your response from your findings.
Good example: “I need to eat 3 more servings of fruit each day. From my results I can see that I had only 1 serving of fruit each day. I will eat a fruit at breakfast and lunch every day. I will make a list of my favorite fruits to make sure they are picked up when we go grocery shopping.”
Bad example: I need to eat more fruit.
Do NOT include the questions as your plagiarism percentage will show 100%.
Include the ANSWERS ONLY.

1. Using the NUTRIENTS report, List EACH nutrient that show the status of “UNDER.” Choose TWO items and explain why you are UNDER this recommended amount.
2. Explain why you are not eating enough calories every day OR explain why you are eating too many calories every day.Explain how you will make changes to your eating habits to increase or decrease your calories.
3. Describe trends or patterns of behavior you noticed about YOURSELF that is related to food?
4. Using the NUTRIENTS report, list the TARGET and AVERAGE EATEN numbers for Iron, Riboflavin, Vitamin D and Omega-3 Fatty Acids.
5. If you are deficient in any of these nutrients, explain your plan to reach your recommended daily needs. Give details and examples.
6. Using the MEALS report, explain why you did or did not eat breakfast and explain how LUNCH was (or was not) your largest meal of the day. Explain your reasons for your snack choices. Give specific examples.
7. From the FOOD GROUPS report, list EACH Food Group status of Grains and Vegetables that was UNDER. What changes can you make to adjust these issues? Give details.
8. Discuss the differences in your results you found between your PE1 SuperTracker Assignment and this PE2 SuperTracker assignment.How have your eating habits changed or stayed the same?
9. Explain how you will increase your exposure to the sun to increase your levels of Vitamin D. Explain your plan and if it includes exercise.
10. Discuss how this assignment affected your eating habits. Explain if this assignment has affected the eating habits of your family. Discuss any changes to you or your families eating patterns you plan to start after completing this assignment.

6. You will UPLOAD TWO (2) files for the assignment
• SAFE ASSIGN (SA) – Upload Reflection Page to SA to prevent plagiarism.
• Nutrition Report – Upload to Assignment. Papers without automatic names on each page will NOT receive full credit.
7. Upload the two separate files to Blackboard “Assignment Uploads” for credit before the due date.
8. Make sure you put in a Date RANGE that includes all three days of eating.
Start at 9:00 minutes to see the export process.
APA Word Template

Watch the Video to Learn How To Create a Supertracker Account

This practical tool lets you track and score your eating and activity habits. Gives tips for making healthy changes.

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