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Fire science

For this assignment, you will conduct research to determine the number of fires in your area by occupancy and then develop a report, in essay form, to present to business owners on that occupancy type for prevention purposes. The goal of the report is to educate them on the importance and impact of fire inspections and fire codes to improve compliance and relationships.
In your report, include the following information listed below.
Identify the steps in public fire education planning.
Outline the codes required for fire safety in those buildings in your area.
State the number of violations or fires in similar occupancies.
Explain the behaviors of people during fires that researchers have discovered.
Explain the cost of noncompliance in fires, both economic and social.
Outline a proposed public education initiative to educate the business owners and political leaders on how to prevent and maintain fire safety in the area. Ensure that you identify methods to measure the effectiveness of fire and life safety and public education programs.
Explain to the stakeholder the importance of instilling a positive fire reaction.