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Finding SOlutions Implementing STrategies

Finding SOlutions Implementing STrategies
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As you have learned through the assigned readings in Portor O’ Grady and Malloch (2010) the transformational leader has much to contend with. Finding solutions can be both time consuming and necessary. Being creative, sensible, open to constructive criticism; and allowing all involved to be part of the solution is not as easy as one might think.

After reading Lloyd, J. (2012). A leaders lament: Why can’t my employees be more like me? Discuss if the author’s approach to problem solving will work for nurse leaders and administrators facing the myriad of issues affecting today’s health care organizations. Be sure to support your viewpoint with rationales.

In your initial response, be sure to include your initial thoughts about Lloyd’s approach.

Students are expected to participate in academic conversations with peers and faculty to generate scholarly dialogue. Expectations for participation in the course discussions are described under the Discussion Rubric: Critical Analysis (ways of knowing) and Engagement (interactions) when relating your experiences, opinions, viewpoints, and ideas supported by evidence.

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