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Financial Calculators

Select two financial calculators or apps to evaluate. Your evaluation should rate the apps minimally in terms of the following

How easy it is to learn to use

Overall design

Best features

Worst features

Also please share which of the two recommend and why

The intention of this report is to provide an analysis of two company’s financial performance chosen with the intention of offering our client who is a wealthy investor some financial advice. This report shall contain an inclusive organizational financial performance examination. The report shall be based on former financial reports of the two organizations that are both listed in ASX. The two selected corporations are Rio Tinto &BHPbilliton. According to analysts the best way of providing financial advice to any investor is through the evaluation of financial performance. Therefore, our client who happens to be a wealthy investor will be able to review the growth and development of these two organizations based on financial perspectives. Rio Tinto &BHPbilliton are both listed in ASX, our analysis shall cover the period of 2012 to 2014. The two organizations are located in Australia and they have all been considered for their outstanding financial performance. Our group shall perform important and relevant financial ratios to evaluate the two organizations (Berman, Knight, and Case, 2013). Financial analysts indicate the cash flow, profitability ratio, efficiency, liquidity and solvency.


The company is currently known BHP and trading as BHP Billiton plc. and BHP Billiton Limited as Australian multinational mining company in petroleum and metals and it is dual-listed company. The headquarter of the company is based in Victoria Melbourne Australia. The organization was founded in 1886 in the isolated mining towns in New South Wales Broken Hill in the year 2017 (Berman, Knight, and Case, 2013). According to research, the company is ranked as the largest mining company in the world based on the company’s market capitalization and it is the third largest company in Melbourne in revenue a figure that has tripled for 2005 to 2013. The company was formed in the year 2002 after the merger of Anglo-Dutch Billiton plc and Australian Broken Hill property Company leading to a dual listed company. The company registered in Australia has a primary listing in the Australian Securities Exchange and stands as one o the largest companies in Australia based on the company’s market capitalization. The company is an English registered plc and has a primary listing in the London Stock Exchange stands as an FTSE 100 index constituent (Berman, Knight, and Case, 2013). In 2017, the company’s assets were rebranded and severed as South32 while scaling down to BHP Billiton to become the new BHP.