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Finance Final Paper

Finance Final Paper
Paper is about 5 pages minimum. There are three sections: 10 finance term definitions with examples, one page essay on a qn, two additional essay qns (1page each).
Undergraduate Senior year quality paper expected. Paper is singled spaced. No reference page needed but must be plagarism free. 1 inch margin all round.
I. Definitions. Define the 10 terms, and provide an example for each. (2 pages max, single spaced)

Beta Market premium
Capital structure Dividend yield
Dividend Required return
Stock splits Operating working capital
Free Cash Flow Market risk premium
II. Essay Questions. Answer the question below. (1 page single spaced)

1. a) What is Weighted Average Cost of Capital ?
Explain and derive each component part.
b) Utilizing the company that you have analyzed, estimate its WACC.
c) What is capital budgeting ?
d) What is a target capital structure ?
e) Derive the Net Present Value methodology of capital budgeting, and explain the use of WACC.

III. Additional Essay Questions. Answer thetwo questions. (1 page each, single spaced)

1. a) What is a target capital structure ?
b) How does the WACC relate to the target capital structure ?
c) What is operating leverage ?
How does the degree of operating leverage affect capital structure
decisions ?
Create an example.
2. a) Why must working capital be “managed” ?
b) What is (are) the goal(s) of working capital management ?
c) Create an example and explain the Cash Budget.
d) How is a Cash Budget distinct from an Income Statement ?
e) What are some techniques that a company may undertake to
improve its working capital position ?

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