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Finance assignment

Finance assignmentOrder Instructions:
I. Fundamental Analysis

The first goal of your project is to select 2 stocks based on a fundamental analysis. Assume that you have $10 million to invest in equities. Select US stocks only, but your stocks must cover different industries.

The main goal of fundamental analysis is to identify countries, industries and companies that you think will outperform the market in the long run. All decisions must be justified. Each team member should spend a substantial amount of time acquiring information and preparing it for team discussion. Synthesize and organize your findings to present to the team. This will help you answer deliverables 1 – 4 below:

1) Present a comprehensive analysis of the status and outlook of the global economy, with its major growth and contraction areas.

2) Discuss the industries you invest in.

3) Provide a brief description of your portfolio’s components and justify their inclusion in your portfolio. Comment on the financial condition of each company in which you invest. To answer this question, use the 10-Ks and other financial statements for the last 5 years. If your research requires, go back up to 10 years. A company’s financial reports can be found at
Metals and Mining
Raw Materials

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