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Final Paper: human services agency

Final paper due 7/24 by 11:59 p.m.FINAL PAPER DUE TO MODULE ON 7/24 BY 11:59 PMEach student’s final paper will focus on a human services agency:The student will gather information on history, services provided, population served, hours of operation sources of funding/fees, is it Public/Private Not-for-Profit/For-Profit, organizational structure, volunteer opportunities as well as the agencies response to Covid 19. (what role have they played in terms of testing, providing funding, education, providing food or shelter.

  1. Each paper/writing assignment must include the following headings:  You should have a minimum of 9  headings and they should read as follows:

Name of Paper (this is your introduction)HistoryOrganizational ChartEthical ResponsibilityVolunteerCovid ResponseAnalysisConclusionReference page (should be separate page)EACH PAPER MUST BE IN APA FORMAT AND INCLUDE A TITLE PAGE AND AUTHOR NOTE THE BODY OF THE PAPER MUST INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING HEADINGS: (Purdue Owl is a Good resource for APA formatting).Introduction (explain purpose of paper and what you will be presenting in your paper (must have a thesis statement or main idea of paper-usually placed in the final sentence of the introductory paragraph). History of organization or agency ( history behind organization to include hours of operation sources of funding/fees, is it Public/Private Not-for-Profit/For-Profit.Agency Organizational chart (chart that displays organizational structure/chain of command to include names, duties and responsibilities)Theories and principles of ethical responsibility (Analyze one theory of ethical responsibility and at least one theory of civic responsibility and demonstrate how theories apply to  this agency by providing the following: YOU WILL Address a problem or issue at this agency and discuss how it can be resolved and what action should be taken. Some examples include:Example 1: If the agency closes at 3 p.m. but many of their clients do not get off work until 5.  As a result, they do not benefit from the services. Example 2: If a police force is all Caucasian and the community they serve are  all African American and Hispanic. Are there any concerns regarding the lack of diversity? Example 3: If a homeless shelter requires that before being approved for admittance, they must have a Covid Test but no agencies in the area are providing a test.  The closest testing location is 20 miles away. EACH STUDENT WILL INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING IN YOUR PAPER:  Identify THE problem, b), identify and explore options.  d) Choose A course of action and how should it be applied).  e) How would this course of action benefit or help a client and or the community.Volunteer Opportunities  What are the volunteer opportunities?  What are the typical duties?Response to Covid 19 (What is the agencies response to Covid 19?  How has the virus impacted the agency? What role have they played in terms of testing, receiving funding, providing funding, education, food, or shelter?Analysis of organization (What are the overall strengths and needs of organization)  Conclusion (Summarize most important elements of your paperReference page (this should be a separate page and list the references you used for your paper– (A MINIMUM OF 3 REFERENCES ARE REQUIRED).

  2. Each student will submit their FINAL paper to canvas by 6/21. Each student will also post their power point slides by 8:59 a.m. on 6/23.