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Fessler • Theo101 Final • Fall 2015

Fessler • Theo101 Final • Fall 2015
synthesize (as best you can) our semester’s conversations about God and the
Christian life.
You will write a
2-3 page paper
responding to Ricky Gervais (the comedian behind such
shows like The Office, etc.). I am giving you two links, one to an article, and one to a video with
Ricky. Both express where he stands when it comes to God. Now that your foundation in Christ
is stronger (again, that’s my hope), I want you to watch the 4 minute YouTube video, read the
article, and write a response.
Your 2-3 page paper
an answer to these questions:
a) What would you say in response to what Ricky says about God if you found yourself in a
conversation with him? (resist the urge to default to angry, Christian rhetoric that doesn’t make
a good name for the rest of us, like the guy with the street sign who says Ricky is gonna “burn
in hell”.). What statements or phrases of his are hard to accept?
b) Why do you believe in God? Give Ricky a sense of your personal story as to why you
believe in God (and Jesus) that counters his un/disbelief.
**Final Project is due by 12:00PM (noon/lunch) on Thursday, December 10**
VIDEO link:

***ALSO… in your email to me with the Final Exam attached, please include the
following information:
Reading Grade Percentages (out of 100% for each)
Christianity 101
The God Conversation
(Muehlhoff & Moreland)
Searching for God Knows What
Number of Journals completed (out of 15 total)
**Please feel free to send me any that you missed or forgot to turn in. I will still count

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